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Customer Insights

Delivering usable, useful products and services that fit your market means designing with the needs, goals, and behaviors of your customers in mind.

Our Approach

We partner with clients to explore your understanding, beliefs, and assumptions about your existing customers and the segments you want to target. Customer Insights is a broad term for a variety of ways to gain a more full understanding of the customer needs you're wanting to solve. We make this process transparent and invite you into how it's done.

ThinkWyn Product Design Process


Seeking Insights That Matter

The ways you collect insights determines the value of those insights.

Begin With What You Know
In most cases, we want to begin with your perspective on your customers. This foundation allows us to design a custom research plan specific to your needs.

Use Qualitative Reserach
Qualitative research takes a skilled practitioner. The approach is meant to uncover lesser noticed customer needs, their decision-making process, and to empathize with their context of use.

Know Your Customer
• Contextual Interviews
• Observational Studies
• Journey Mapping
• Customer Personas

Improve Your Product / Service
• Customer Co-Creation
• Usability Studies
• Customer Preference Testing
• Competitive Analysis


As a Service   1 - 2 Weeks

These quick-hitting, qualitative research initiatives are designed to give an initial frame of your customers, their context, and to identify legitimate areas of opportunity.

Discovering the Context, Personas, & Key Themes

Gaining a clear picture the Customer Context means understanding who they are, what they're needing to accomplish, and if there are defining characteristics between each customer type.

Defining Areas of Opportunity

We distill the key themes and partner with you to turn these themes into meaningful design opportunities for your organization.

Build Team Skills   2 - 4 Weeks

Bulding new skills and growing internal capabilities happens when design principles and practices are applied to the problem spaces that teams work in every day.

Leveraging Real Use Cases

Trainings can be helpful in building awareness of design practices. When acquiring a new skill and shifting a mindset towards customer-centricity, working with real-world problems is the best way to gain new competencies. Our work is always focused in a specific domain, question, product, or service that you are familiar with.

Empathy-building as a Core Skill

With these engagements we create helpful artifacts like, research plans, personas, jobs-to-be-done desctiptions, and lightweight concept prototypes. The true value goes beyond only these artifacts. The rich learning experience comes from the dedicated approach to the customer, the insights gathered through empathy-building activities, and the deeper-level conversations that these practices drive. Your team is engaged at every step as we plan research, uncover themes and opportunties, and synthesize these themes into testable experiements.