We're passionate about Experience and believe that we can design for it. Your Customer Experience is a reflection of your Organizational Experience — we're here to connect the two.


Design Leadership


The demand for Design Leadership is accelerating. These sessions are designed to grow your leadership competencies by uncovering what drives you; identifying your leadership style; and developing actionable strategies to grow as a Design Leader.

  • Learn your strengths
  • Uncover blind spots.
  • Narrow your focus on what matters most — to you and to your business.

Great Design Leaders...

Articulate their vision and strategy in a way that is compelling and meaningful to their teams.

Understand that their team are individuals and unique so they adapt their leadership approach based on what motivates each person.

Set a clear direction for their team and model the behaviors required for success. They ask the hard questions and remain committed during times of adversity.


Program Outcomes

Discover Your Leadership Profile

Seeing yourself from a fresh perspective is at the core of our program. As a participant you'll receive detailed insights into the your natural drivers, how you lead, your core values, and areas where you naturally excel.

Create Your Vision & Strategy

Your Vision is the catalyst that accelerates actioning your Leadership Profile. Establishing a values-based Vision makes creating a Strategy to action this Vision a fun and engaging part of the program.

Connect With Your Organization

Seeing your organization through a leader's lens takes some thought and intention. Establishing relationships by engaging in deep conversation with your leadership cohort is the quickest and best way to build your understanding of your organizational context.

Architect Your Design Team

Building high-performing teams means being clear on the skills and competencies necessary for your team to thrive. We begin to build a blueprint specific to your team and articulate strategies for how they should engage the wider organization.

Create a Culture of Performance

The way we measure success has shifted. Modern Design leaders: Reimagine incentives; Reward experimentation; Empower inclusiveness. We'll establish a foundation for the performance metrics that make sense for your design team and your organization.