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Leadership Coaching

Leveraging our experience working with hundreds of leaders, we bring perspective. Nevertheless, we believe strongly that the person being coached remains in the driver's seat throughout each engagement. Coaching provides individualized support to help leaders expand their self-awareness, skills of influence and strategic agility to help propel their teams and organizations.

Our Approach

Most coaching engagements are sold as a package that includes a comprehensive leadership assessment as well as six coaching sessions. Our approach is to meet at a regular cadence to discuss progress on goals, tactics, and constructuve ways to eliminate current challenges.

Many, if not most, of our clients are remote. Meeting by phone or video conference has proven to be a highly successful way to ensure our sessions are timely and fit every schedule.


When do I invest in coaching?

The question we hear most often is when is the right time to invest in coaching. Our answer is always the same — when you're ready to commit to change.

Coaching for New Leader Assimilation/Onboarding
Coaching can be leveraged as a leadership onboarding tool to help a leader transition into a new role quickly and execute on quick wins early in their tenure. We will work with you to assess your new team, identify your key priorities, and identify targeted stakeholders who can help you as you gain traction in role.

High Potential Leadership Coaching
Organizations often hire us when they want to invest in succession planning. These coaching engagements often focus on the skill sets required for success at one’s current level as well as what will be required at the next level. We work with leaders to look ahead and consider how they can broaden their perspective and gain skills of influence that can be leveraged when their scope of responsibility expands.

Coaching for Development
The current business context is dynamic and requires all leaders to be nimble in working to navigate constantly changing circumstances. Coaching is often valued as a highly customizable and highly efficient way to develop your leadership skills to proactively lead in a manner that is authentic, responsive and most importantly, effective for your organization. We focus on your specific skills and always consider your development in the context of your current situation.


As a Service   1 - 2 Weeks

We've spent years becoming certified in a variety of modern, valid, reliable, leading-edge assessments.

Leadership Insight Gathering

All coaching engagements begin with inquiry. We have several options in terms of how we can gather insights to help the leader gain perspective on their current leadership approach and impact. We have a wide range of quantitative psychometric tools that assess leadership style, personality style, traits, drivers and communication preferences. We only use well-validated tools that are empirically grounded. Additionally, we typically conduct qualitative interviews with key stakeholders to gather input from the people with whom the leader works directly day-in and day-out.

Strategic Visioning and Goal-setting

The focus of each coaching engagement varies greatly depending on the leader and his/her current challenges as well as career stage. After our insight gathering process, we work with you to determine a few targeted goals that will focus our coaching engagement.