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Organizational Design that propels human potential

Ignite passion.
Retain employees.
Enhance leadership.

Designing human-centric organizations means putting people first.  Putting people first does not mean sacrificing profitability. Organizations that value the experience of both their employees and their customers have been proven to be more profitable.


ThinkWyn Product Design Process


Seek to Understand

In order to put people first, we must take the time to observe and listen. To better understand the people, context, and problems our clients are grappling with we always begin with an assessment / discovery phase .

Continuous Feedback Loops

Whether you are engaging with your customers or your employees, strong business leaders understand the importance of constant conversation, iteration and feedback. We work with our clients to put into practice the art of seeking and leveraging consistent feedback to enhance performance.


Employee Experience

Designing organizations focused on the Employee Experience.

Employees are seeking a culture where they fit and can thrive. Applying design to improve your employee experience benefits your business, your leaders and your employee’s health and wellbeing. Science shows creating a psychologically healthy and safe workplace helps on a neurological level — this translates to social and emotional health and of course enhanced productivity.

Case Study - The Mountain Resort Company


Leadership Development

Developing today’s leaders for tomorrow’s challenges

Organizations that are built to last have a consistent focus on leadership development. Leaders exist at all tiers of the organization. To be effective with each promotion, leaders need to expand their toolkit and learn new ways of leading. Great leaders articulate their vision and strategy in compelling and meaningful ways. They understand each person is unique and they adapt their leadership approach based on what motivates each person. Because every organization is dealing with rapid change, regardless of industry, all leaders must now learn to be agile and resilient to near constant change.

Case Study - The Manufacturing Multinational


Cultural Enhancement

Enhancing Culture by focusing on what matter’s most.

Building and maintaining a resilient culture requires focus on people, process, and your context. Great organizations are grounded in a well-defined culture and explicit values. Within these organizations are strong leaders, who set the tone and role model the right behaviors. Employees find the vision, values and goals meaningful – they are empowered when they understand how their work contributes to the organization’s success. As a result, organizations with a strong culture are more profitable, leverage their talent to innovate and are more resilient to the constant change and uncertainty of today’s global market.

Case Study - The Global Engineering Firm