A Modern Approach to Product Design

Reduce Spend.
Increase Confidence.
Improve Quality.

Take a proactive approach to Customer Experience  by aligning your business priorities and your customer’s goals. We bring clarity to your product & service experiences and build your company's internal capacity for sustaining customer-centric principles and practices.


Building the Right Thing

There's a science to building leading-edge product & service experiences. We help to determine the concepts that align with your business intention and desired customer experience. The result: defined, ready-to-build, market-driven concepts.

Building the Thing Right

We take these qualified concepts and design low-cost, rapid prototypes that we test with your customers. The result: validated and market-ready products.


ThinkWyn Product Design Process

Defining product design principles, practices, & culture.

Much of our work comes from strategic partnerships with organizations who want to build sustainable design capabilities and design-centric cultures. Establishing a flexible and scalable approach to product design prepares your business for the rapid pace of change in today’s digital landscape.

Case Study - The Innovation Team


Clarifying the link between vision & customer goals.

We help connect business intention: values, vision, & strategy, and to customer needs. Product experience is a reflection of how well you know—and how deeply you engage—the people who use your products and services.

Case Study - The Healthcare Startup


Setting a foundation for growth.

Customer Experience tends to highlight the gaps between internal teams. Most organizations are are structured in a way that often leaves the customer feeling lost. A modern approach to product design demands a modern organizational structure. We partner with you to optimize how internal teams are connected so your customers always feel supported.

Case Study - The Telecom Platform