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Product Design Audit

Based on thorough research and leadeing-edge best practices, we deliver a quick and complete diagnosis of the effectiveness of your current product design capabilities. Next we work with you to define your roadmap in buidling a new team and skills, growing an existing team, or modifying your existing approach.

An External Lens

Our audits aim to share an objective, comparative, and detailed view of your existing product (and service) design capabilities. Beyond a traditional audit, we analyze where you are today in realtion to your organzational strategies and uncover ways to fill these gaps.

A Product / Service Design Audit will give you a benchmark for what good looks like. What's more, by establishing your benchmark the outcomes from our audit set a clear-eyed foundation for action and are the perfect catalyst for understanding your experience landscape.


Actionable Audits

Our audits aren't a basic analysis, they are designed to frame where you are to roadmap where to go next.

Comparative Benchmarking
Understanding where your product design capabilities are in realtion to leading-edge, middle-of-pack, and lagging organizations.

Honest Interpretation
Because we are able to bring an independent and external lens, the outcomes of the audit are honest, unbiased assessments of the existing strategies, structure, skills, and systems.

Three Things to Change
In our experince while there may be serveral issues preventing you from achieving the outcomes you're seeking from your Product Design team, there are generally no more than three first-priority actions. These actions vary and are unique from organization to organization. Our aim is to highlight the ones which allow you to accelerate your growth.


As a Service   1 - 2 Weeks

Our audits are designed to gather diverse insights with complimentary research methods: the broad quantitative view and the rich stories and hidden meanings that come from qualitative insights.

Product Design Audit Survey

The intention is to gain a broad view of how product design is functioning withing your organization. Surveys are useful in gathering broad perspectives from targeted populations. When designed and deployed well, they capture a wide variety of perspectives in a sturctured way.

Contextual Interviews with Core Teams

As always, we advocate for balancing a quantitative approach with qualitative interviews – gaining direct, unfiltered insights from key stakeholders. These insights are helpful in unconvering the structural, proceedural, and especially human reasoning behind your current approach to product design.

Analysis, Synthesis, & Sensemaking

This phase is a blend of art and science. We break down and de-couple diverse insights to their component parts, reshuffle, analyze, and leverage our deep experience in this space to identify your key factors for success. The outcomes give a clear view of where you stand relative to your organizational strategies and set the stage for actioning your design transformation.