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Become resilient with Strategic Design

Think Holistically.
Anticipate Complexity.
Create to Learn.

We help organizations elevate Design to a strategic level. Strategic Design is the connective tissue between innovation, research, and leadership. This approach goes beyond only thinking—we’re looking at you design thinkers—and creates tangible innovations. These innovations go beyond products and focus on core business models, functional structure, and aligning leadership competencies, traits, and drivers with organizational strategies.


ThinkWyn Product Design Process


Align People & Business

Strategic Design is the link between people—employees & customers—and the business. The role of Design has expanded from executing strategy to using Design principles and practices to co-formulate core business strategies.


Formulate & Implement Strategy

Today's strategy playbook needs: to be emergent; able to be aware of new developments; and to appropriately flex during implementation. Leading organizations see Design as both a key influencer to innovation and as the translator of aligned offerings.

Programs   2 - 6 Months

Strategic Design Transformation

Building modern and resilient organizations requires shifts in our mindset and the way we work. With this program we partner to define the principles, practices, and culture to establish Strategic Design as a way of thinking and doing. When applying Strategic Design we learn that our strategies are forged and grow when infused with how we create products, services, and (especially) how we structure & engage internal teams.

These programs are custom. Contact us for more information.

Strategic Design for Leaders

Today's leaders thrive when they're adaptive to their context and highly engaged with the process of creation. They understand that desirable, viable, and feasible solutions are the result of ongoing awareness of the business, the customers, and their internal teams.

These programs are custom. Contact us for more information.