We help leaders, teams, and organizations to become resilient and proactive creators of their future – so they can achieve their goals.

After many years in academia, we spent years growing our careers inside startups, the enterprise, and for leading-edge consultancies. Finally, we decided to start our own firm. ThinkWyn is a boutique consultancy focused on helping individuals and organizations become better versions of themselves.

The Ways of Seeing that drive our work.

Strategic Design.

Research. Strategy. Prototyping. Systems Thinking. Co-creation.

We’re focused on crafting how decisions are made. We’re big on bringing together diverse and cross-functional insights to drive change. Strategic Design is a leading-edge approach to problem-solving which positions people and organizations as the creators of their own future.

Organizational Psychology.

Leadership. Organizational Change. Human Behavior.

Leading effectively in today’s dynamic environment requires a human-centered approach. We help business leaders to better understand the needs, interests and drivers of their employees and customers. We help to actualize the statement “our people are our greatest asset.”

Learning & Growth.

Decision-making. Institutional Memory.

At the core of our formal study are continual learning and collaboration. Learning is at the heart of Design and Psychology. We’re interested in the difficult questions like, “How might we create the best conditions to enable learning communities, transparency, and growth mindsets?”


Melanie Kinser


Melanie most enjoys working with leaders and watching the positive change that occurs across their teams and their organizations as a result of the leader’s efforts to grow their skills and evolve their approach. She is motivated by a desire to help people see themselves and those they work with from a multi-faceted perspective. She is passionate about helping people to better conceptualize where they are and where they want to go in their careers.

Over the past 12 years, Melanie has partnered with clients to align strategy, develop leaders, and strengthen organizational culture. Specifically, Melanie specializes in individual and organizational assessment, leadership selection and development, culture change and integrated talent management. With a PhD in Psychology, Melanie merges her understanding of human behavior and business to help her clients drive strategic alignment and to foster values-based organizational cultures.

Areas of Specialty

Leadership Assessment | Executive Coaching | Leadership Development | Organizational Assessment | Organizational Change | Safety Culture | Team Effectiveness | Integrated Talent Management


Pete Kinser


Pete is passionate about applying Design to make better products and services by cultivating customer-centered mindsets, principles, and practices. He is motivated to elevate Design as a strategic approach to organizational growth.

For 15+ years Pete has partnered with Product, Design, and Engineering leaders to build teams, processes, and systems for repeatable design-led innovation operations. He has partnered to build resilient and forward-looking teams by aligning customer, systems, and strategic initiatives. Pete has supported founders and executive teams in driving organizational growth and development of their design leadership skills. For the past decade he’s leveraged his skills in learning and development to teach graduate courses and to lead executive education forums with a focus on human-centered design, customer experience, and design-led innovation.

Areas of Specialty

Human-Centered Design | Product & Service Design | Design Facilitation | Design-led Innovation | Organizational Change | Organizational Learning & Development | Customer Experience | Human-Computer Interaction