We're values-driven. For us making values-based decisions allows for consistency and, frankly, less stress. Defining our values has freed us to maintain authenticity with ourselves and with our clients.


Values that drive our decisions

  • We measure success by living our values.
  • We believe in staying curious.
  • We make sense through co-creation.
  • We have a bias for action.
  • We have faith in each person’s potential.
  • We believe in continuous learning.
  • We see holistically.

We use Science - doesn't everyone?

We leverage science and 15+ years of consulting experience with 500+ leaders and dozens of organizations. We are data-informed and use research-based tools to support our work. We have deep experience working with a variety of disciplines and working on multi-year culture change efforts. We have consulted with businesses in a wide-range of industries including Engineering, Higher Education, Tech, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Nuclear, Utilities, and Construction.


Melanie Kinser

Melanie actions her understanding of psychology and business to help leaders and teams strengthen organizational culture and in turn, strengthen their bottom line. She works with leaders to drive alignment on strategic initiatives and to develop the leadership capabilities required to enhance business performance and to strengthen customer experience.


Pete Kinser

Pete leverages his education and experience in Human-Centered Design and Product Design to align and build Innovation, Strategy, and Design teams. He works with leaders to strengthen alignment on the values necessary to embed customer experience-focused strategies, principles, and practices as cultural norms within organizations. He partners with leadership in identifying values-based strategies to develop customer-centric organizations, leaders, and teams.