About ThinkWyn

The just-right blend of strategic design & organizational psychology.


We're inspired to get beyond thinking and to move towards action. We've found maintaining a holistic perspective while becoming deeply aware of your context helps to drive clear-eyed decisions which ultimately shape resilient organizations.


Empathy for human experience

The way organizations are structured can hinder this experience ... and that's not ok.

Strategic Design is an approach to problem-solving which positions people as creators of their own future. We use timeless and proven design methods to deliver strategic insights on complex human problems. The systems, processes, and culture we've created can be shifted to meet both the individual and the broader strategic organizational needs.

We leverage Science - doesn't everyone?

We leverage science and 25+ combined years of consulting experience with 500+ leaders and dozens of organizations. Our work is data-informed and we use research-based tools to support our clients. We have deep experience working with a variety of disciplines and working on multi-year culture change efforts. Our clients include organizations in a wide-range of industries including Tech, Engineering, Higher Education, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Nuclear, Utilities, and the Outdoor industry.