Case Study


The Mountain Resort Company

An international resort company wanted to take a more sophisticated approach to their employee experience. Employee engagement was extremely high at the time of hire yet dropped significantly within the first three months post-hire. Employees of all disciplines consistently reported a mismatch between their expectations for the job and the day-to-day realities of their roles. We were engaged by the Human Resources team to imagine new, innovative ways of seeing their employees with the goal of embedding an employee-centric mindset across the organization.

  • Developed research-based, role-specific employee value propositions
  • Created an Employee Experience Toolkit for the annual HR Planning process
  • Launched the Employee Experience Blueprint to aid in Talent Development & Acquisition


The Mountain Resort Company operates resorts on nearly every continent. Their industry is booming and their workforce is passionate about the outdoors and want to grow their careers within the company. Given the seasonal nature of their industry, they have the potential during peak season to expand their workforce by 50-60%. This creates the unique circumstance of delivering a top-flight guest experience while managing a continuous rotation of new employees.


Contextual insights with employees & cross-functional collaboration

We brought together senior leaders and frontline team members from cross-functional teams to gain a more clear picture of the current state of the employee experience. The group – which consisted of diverse disciplines, experience, and tenure – identified the key stages, needs, goals, and pain points of employees as they plan their careers and navigate the organization. Our approach was thorough and iterative. We leveraged existing employee insights, conducted 100+ hours of contextual observations and interviews with representative employees, and conducted design thinking workshops..

What We Learned

Employees are diverse and unique: the employee value proposition should reflect this

The unique nature of a growing industry and a broad range of employee types creates exciting career growth opportunities. Given the rapid growth and complex career opportunities many employees found it difficult to see their own path for growth. Despite the organization’s best efforts to connect employees with resources, the increasing pace of operations made it difficult to realize this goal. We established frameworks, structures, and strategies to ensure the employee experience was at the center of senior leadership decision-making.


Establishing tools to create, curate, and cultivate the employee experience mindset

Clear views of employees & new employee value propositions.
We delivered research-driven employee segments by uncovering key intrinsic motivators and career growth goals. We paired these employee-centric insights with role descriptions and were able to highlight the themes which drive role-specific employee engagement.

The Employee Experience Toolkit
We created a sustainable, repeatable, and iterative process along with key tools to keep employee-centricity at the heart of Human Resources. This included a near-term focus for every HR Project and a long-term focus on the annual HR Planning process. This toolkit established a language, an approach, and standards from which the employee experience is considered, managed, and measured.