Case Study


The Global Engineering Firm

After significant growth, the engineering firm needed help developing new skills for their recently promoted, frontline leaders. Seeing how the frontline leaders were succeeding, the senior leadership team decided to invest in themselves by taking intentional steps to work together in a more cohesive fashion.

  • Increased open dialogue and working relationships amongst the senior leadership team
  • Enhanced self-awareness through individual assessment and coaching


An Engineering firm was transforming it’s leadership teams and sought our help developing leadership capacity. Several recently promoted leaders were deemed high-potential, but fairly green in their leadership roles. Key stakeholders had observed some dysfunction between certain leaders and wanted to create new ways of communicating to develop leaders for the next stage of their business.


Working as a team and focusing on the long-term

We partnered with the firm to launch a six-month team coaching series leveraging an action learning approach. Leaders brough real-life challenges to the group and the cohort learned to coach one another within a specific, helpful format. We led each leader in a 360 Leadership Assessment as well as individual Executive Coaching sessions. All leaders built Development Action Plans and worked with their coach and manager to execute their plans.

What We Learned

The organizational structure was causing cascading issues

Some of the dysfunction between senior leadership was exacerbated by certain organizational structure and processes. As we worked with them to redesign the structure and workflow, we greatly reduced the tension and stress between those two groups within the organization.


Strengthening leadership and redesigning process

Enhanced Leadership Capability
All leaders grew in their awareness and ability to action modern leadership skills. Specifically, two of the leaders who participated in the coaching program were subsequently promoted to elevated positions based on their enhanced capabilities.

Greatly reduced tension between groups
By redesigning key aspects of the organizational structure and processes, there was a noticeable reduction in tension between several groups and their leaders. The firm reported dramatically increased productivity and satisfaction spawning from improved collaboration and a culture of transparent and open dialogue.