Case Study


The Telecom Platform

A nationwide telecom was preparing for an acquisition and a key platform was causing major headaches. For years the platform had failed to deliver value to customers and was also creating divisions within internal, cross-functional teams. Through field research and co-creation with users, we re-imagined a sustainable, repeatable, and emergent approach to the platform.

  • Decreased help-desk tickets by 40% in the first month.
  • Decreased user time-on-task by 60%.
  • Established the need and allocated new budget for a singluar platform owner.
  • Created and implemented platform guidelines, policies, and standards to sustain a user-centered approach.


Despite having a powerful portal which served as a critical system for product configuration, The Telecom's teams had trouble communicating customer intent and delivering on-time and accurate services to their customers. Focusing initially on the Portal's ability to configure a wide variety of products and services, the organization realized that the complexity had resulted in unnecessary complication, operation inefficiency, and missed revenue targets.


Internal Team & Customer Discovery

Holistic and targeted research was conducted nationwide with C-Suite stakeholders, internal teams, and customers.

What We Learned

Reframing the problem after field research

The problem was initially framed as a user interface workflow problem. Synthesizing the research it became clear that while the UI was lacking baseline usability, the real issue was the organizational structure. Several dozen product owners depended on the platform to deliver the individual products they managed. The platform itself had no singular product manager. This disparity resulted in disconnected and fractured approaches to the platform design amd development resulting in an increasingly fractured user experience.


Sustainable teams, repeatable process, improved workflows

The overriding factor in the project was implementing changes prior to the acquisition. The immediate impacts were aligned cross-functional teams and stakeholders around a shift in how the platformed was managed. This gave the team a jumpstart on a consistent approach going forward. The long term impacts saw The Telecom's team able to dramatically increase operational efficiencies while meeting and often exceeding customer expectations.