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Leadership Assessment

Whether you are looking to help develop a leader within your organization, or you are considering a candidate for a critical leadership role, our comprehensive leadership assessment process will provide a robust view of that individual’s strengths and developmental opportunities as they related to their role and unique leadership context. Better understand what strengths to leverage, gaps to close and how your leadership style is received within your organization’s cultural context.

Our Approach

We're engaged to do a wide variety of assessments. We conduct leadership assessments for both indidividual selection & development and leadership & managerial team assessments.

We use leading-edge assessments.
We've spent years gaining certification in a variety of modern, valid, reliable assessments. As we establish a process with your organization, the assessment cadence is able to scale as quickly and with as much reach as you desire.



To get the most from assessments we take a balanced approach by artfully blending both a qualitative and a quantitative approach.

Meaningful conversations to gain insight
As experts in behavior, we appreciate that every interaction is an opportunity to influence. We conduct assessment interviews in a manner that provokes reflection and engages the leader in a rich dialogue about their career history, their future goals and what meaningful work looks like for that person.

Holistic Assessments
We recognize that each person we assess is a dynamic individual who flexes their behavior and approach to respond to their environment and current situation. We use a holistic assessment approach that aims to get to know each leader as a multi-faceted individual. We leverage a wide range of tools and approaches to be sure that the richness of each person’s personality and their life’s experiences are taken into consideration as we get to know that person as a leader.


As a Service   1 - 2 Weeks

Because we assess for a variety of needs and at various scales / reach, each assessment package and timeline is unique.

Leadership Assessment for Development

Custom competencies are selected based on the leader’s role, level, industry, internal organizational culture and other factors. We use empirically-sound psychometric assessments to gather insights on competencies such as: communication style, interpersonal skills, self-awareness, drive, organization skills, strategic agility, collaboration, assertiveness, etc. We also offer 360 degree (multi-rater) leadership assessments.

Leadership Assessment for Selection

We utilize selection-appropriate psychometric tools to provide you with detailed insights on your candidate’s strengths and developmental opportunities prior to hire. We assess leadership competencies, traits, drivers as well as critical thinking, financial acumen and general problem-solving capability. We take the time to understand the position in detail, the current organizational context and needs as well as the organizational culture in order to provide perspective on cultural and role fit.